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English-Hindi > manus" sentence in Hindi

manus in a sentence

11.Manus has not disclosed his whereabouts in the United States.

12.Manus was an air and naval staging point in World War II.

13.Besides Manus, two women weightlifters also won gold medals at Athens.

14.When the formal Manus, Admiralty Islands on 2 November.

15.Six days out, she and Manus and a west coast overhaul.

16.Embarked was a new fighter-director team taken on at Manus.

17.While at Manus, the ship underwent repairs and alterations.

18.Manus Hand's Fall 1901 continuation of the Blue Water Opening.

19.This species is endemic to Manus Island, in the Admiralty Islands.

20.Fourteen Manus and their respective Manvantaras constitute one Vedic timeline.

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