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English-Hindi > manus" sentence in Hindi

manus in a sentence

31.She then proceeded to Manus Island for urgent repairs.

32.She then sailed for Manus Island, being joined by the fleet carrier.

33.Lorengau, the capital of Manus Province, is located on the island.

34.The force returned to Manus Island on 17 June.

35.The narrator locks Manus in a closet and sets fire to the house.

36.She rejoined her task unit on 28 October as it retired to Manus.

37.The last detainees left Manus Island in 2004 and Nauru in February 2008.

38.It had strong hind limbs with short manus ( hand ) was elongated.

39.On Manus, some 586 Japanese dead were counted and 47 prisoners taken.

40.She unloaded her cargo and, four days later, sailed for Manus.

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