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English-Hindi > moonbeam" sentence in Hindi

moonbeam in a sentence

41.There she is in a Grace Kelly ball gown, as pale and luminous as a moonbeam.

42.Moonbeams and wind bells : Could they show us the way out of urban sprawl and decay?

43.Moonbeam's Astronomer, cheering Astro's every waddle as if he were Leonardo DiCaprio.

44.But the research gives ancient moonbeam theories some scientific weight and adds to the debate on global warming.

45.Or Gov . Moonbeam escorting Linda Ronstadt to Africa, while Jackie Kennedy married an old Greek tycoon.

46.I was admiring its flame when I woke _ the Moonbeam, bedside, was bouncing with panic.

47.And Nadja Auermann, moonbeam-blond head touching the floor, was holding a dying-swan pose.

48.The moonbeam effect, said Trenberth, is probably only a tenth as big as Balling and Cerveny say.

49.On the straying moonbeams I shall steal over your bed, and lie upon your bosom while you sleep.

50.Moonbeam : Loved fairies as a little girl, but now she's more into vampires and wraiths.

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