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English-Hindi > mooring" sentence in Hindi

mooring in a sentence

1.Writers more than most people retain their moorings to a place.

2.Both, it soon becomes clear, have lost their moorings.

3.It has a mooring station for one or two small sailboats.

4.American politics has drifted too far already from its public moorings.

5.A simple existence by the breakers helps her recover her moorings.

6.(Correspondents Robert Cadwallader and Susan Mooring contributed to this report.

7.The Moorings'Amsterdam-based lawyer Michiel Pestman conceded defeat.

8.Sail, tuna and lobster boats are lashed to harbor moorings.

9.But lately, the group seems to have lost its moorings.

10.Some of these could provide reverse thrust for manoeuvring while mooring.

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