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English-Hindi > mooring" sentence in Hindi

mooring in a sentence

11.His skill in mooring his ship at night was especially noticeable.

12.Mooring is available along sections of the canal at Maesbury Marsh.

13.The river has a long stretch of moorings above Cookham Bridge.

14.The island has a marina that provides mooring for small boats.

15.A Strong storm sank the ship at her moorings at Sandusky.

16.Private boats can also use the moorings there for mall access.

17.It has 1, 500 slips for the mooring of boats.

18.There is a considerable amount of mooring at the backwaters here.

19.Some kite stores sell stakes for kite anchoring ( mooring ).

20.The marina has 200 slips and mooring capacity for 35 boats.

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