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English-Hindi > moue" sentence in Hindi

moue in a sentence

11.His moue and his party reputation from the'80s can make him seem insignificant, a frat-boy actor in a world of Method brooders.

12.His collaborations include Elko with Deacon Blue frontman Ricky Ross, Mothmatix with Paul McLinden, Transit with Neil Ormandy, and Moue with Sophie Barker of Zero 7.

13.His thundering voice, relentless moue-making, and mammoth charisma are a cartoony cocktail of Jim Carrey and Snagglepuss, with a little speed thrown in . 

14.At the page on Calamity Jane, the moues-over pop-up for the Pan-American Exposition shows nonsense caused by some text being left out.

15.Dennis Muren, an eight-time Oscar winner for computerized special effects, stares back, impressed by the incipient moue that underscores the hulking actor's glower.

16.Punctuating epigrams with cigarette smoke and screwing up her lips into a moue of infinite distaste, Ms . Lavin rules the stage, for sure, landing every one-liner.

17."How much is it ? " she asked, her lipsticked mouth in a quizzical moue, her champagne flute bearing a red splotch that looked like a map of the Mississippi Delta.

18."We walked up and I said, ` My God, what are all those people doing staring at this building ? "'said Douglas Wilson, an actor, with a moue of distaste.

19.Gotlieb said with a concerned, pained, smile-crossed-with-a-moue, " is that you cannot just tell an author who is selling millions and millions of copies that they are not up to par.

20.Lypsinka's Harriet, dressed in Ramona Ponce's armorlike full-skirted New Look costumes, seems perpetually poised for homicidal breakdown, her eyes moving like windshield wipers, her mouth alternately a shark's smile and a scrunched-up moue of distress.

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