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English-Hindi > moue

moue meaning in Hindi

noun plural: moues   
moue sentence in Hindi
1.She does a moue thing with her mouth to demonstrate her disapproval of my choice.

2.They moue maniacally like Jim Carrey.

3.In 2001, the concentrations of recoverable magnesium and calcium in Moue Creek at Urban ranged from and.

4.He contributed to Suel's magazine " Moue de Veau " sometime between 1989 and 1999.

5.Her lips, a muted pink rather than her trademark slash of red, round in a moue of annoyance.

6.The squadron of 35 Japanese reporters covering their greatest player's every move and moue fingered keyboards in agony.

7.Much better . ( The actress'exquisite pallor, her slightly crooked moue and emphatic eyebrows are offset beautifully ).

8.Hart agrees, mouthing a superficial moue kiss she feels is all Sabrina might offer _ especially on a first date.

9.And in what would no doubt have brought a moue to Mao's face, his advice seems to be working.

10.And you can't do that little moue, that little pout you do when you're supposed to be nervous . "'

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a disdainful grimace
Synonyms: pout, wry face,

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