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English-Hindi > obadiah" sentence in Hindi

obadiah in a sentence

41.Tony, Obadiah and Howard are all picked up by the feds and go home.

42.Rich spent several years in Spain with his older brother, the bibliographer Obadiah Rich.

43.The Obadiah Rich Collection is now housed in the Library s Manuscripts and Archives Division.

44.According to both rabbinic tradition and the the prophet who wrote the Book of Obadiah.

45.His direct ancestor, Obadiah Bruen, being one of the founders of that city.

46.Placed WR Obadiah Cooper injured reserve.

47.The overwhelming theme found in Obadiah is the destruction of the enemies of God s people.

48.Obadiah the Proselyte reported in 1100 AD, that the Caliph had created this rule himself.

49.Tony, Howard, War Machine, and Obadiah set off to Utah to find Loni.

50.The lastnamed is referred to by Obadiah of Bertinoro ( O . p . 53 ).

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