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English-Hindi > obadiah

obadiah meaning in Hindi

obadiah sentence in Hindi
1.Any date for the composition of Obadiah must be held tentatively.

2.Madame Masque later informs Obadiah on what happened to the Enforcer.

3.Elijah sends Obadiah back to Ahab to announce his return to Israel.

4.Equally high was Obadiah's reputation as a casuist.

5.Obadiah was active also in the domain of religious philosophy.

6.His son Obadiah had married, but left no children.

7.Obadiah was the second Nigerian ever to qualify as a medical doctor.

8.Among the 16 prominent Rhode Islanders named was Obadiah Holmes.

9.He was ordained an Anglican priest in 1972 by Bishop Obadiah Kariuki.

10.About 1525 Obadiah left Rome and led for some time a wandering life.

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