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English-Hindi > oberon" sentence in Hindi

oberon in a sentence

11.With her husband Oberon Zell-Ravenheart she designed deity images.

12.Oberon Mall is the first full format mall in the state.

13.He was nothing more than a mannequin controlled by Rupes Oberon.

14.I am at Evernight forest where you are to kill Oberon.

15.Act One opens with Oberon singing of his longing for Titania.

16.As Sabrina suffers in pain Moth reveals that she poisoned Oberon.

17.I have been working on the article on Oberon class submarines.

18.But Henry grew too old and Oberon and Titania banished him.

19.Better than the Olivier-and-Oberon tone poem?

20.Vicariously, Oberon will enjoy giving her what she wants,

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