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English-Hindi > peacocks" sentence in Hindi

peacocks in a sentence

31.Banners displayed the emblem of her party, a fighting peacock.

32.Vichai Thongto was killed by his own pet _ a peacock.

33.Then you have the one about the crane and the peacock.

34.Hence, it is considered auspicious to carry the peacock kavadi.

35.Couples can roost in Peacock Perch for dlrs 90 per night.

36.The monarchy in Iran is referred to as the Peacock Throne.

37.Another reform at which Peacock labored was the teaching of algebra.

38.From the southeast corner, the building appears as a peacock.

39.That same year Peacock produced the Christian band, The Choir.

40.We are as proud as bantams and as vain as peacocks.

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