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English-Hindi > peacocks

peacocks meaning in Hindi

peacocks sentence in Hindi
1.Chef Scott Peacock mixes his Chocolate, Chocolate Cake by hand.

2.Most of the 15, 000 were screaming for the Peacocks.

3.He is the peacock who walks alone through a craning throng.

4._Peacocks Coach Rodger Blind was hot about the foul disparity.

5.Fancy a live peacock or a hank of dried burro meat?

6.I was baffled by my son's pleas for peacock.

7.Above all, he was no peacock in his written contributions.

8.Barbara Peacock fell in love with a face 10 years ago.

9.Peacock says, tiny silver llamas dangling from her ear lobes.

10.PEACOCK-MOTIAN-BLEY, Main Space, Knitting Factory.

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