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English-Hindi > pital" sentence in Hindi

pital in a sentence

21.The Viceroy Amar y Borbon, who reported to the Bishop of Popay�n, ordered the creation of the vice-parish, under the protection of Nuestra se�ora de Bel�n, but still dependent on the parish of Pital.

22.Quebrada La Yaguilga : Born in the mountains of mines in the town of Pital, gives its waters to the Magdalena River, receiving streams : The Galda, mojarrillos, gravelly, Chimbayaco, the Oller and others.

23.Many Native Americans don't have the tools such as access to c # pital that would allow them to elbow into entreprre's no multiplier effect " from much of the money spent on tourism, he says.

24.The Pueblo Manta that consists of the comunas Salango, Las Tunas, El Pital and Agua Blanca keeps alive these spiritual, cultural and pre-Columbian symbols of their own ancient worldview, which are presented in their cultural celebrations.

25.Robin's instruction comes through a device more com " monly associated with soap operas than prize-winning writing, but it plays out in a far different way than it would have on " General Hos " pital . " Munro may have played a trick on Robin, but she re " spects her in the morning.

26.Solis, at his home in the northern town of Boca Tapada de San Carlos, in the area of the kidnapping, said the caller told him the kidnappers were 3 kilometers ( 2 miles ) east of the northern town of Pital de San Carlos and that the hostages " were in a difficult health situation ."

27.The Hacienda Chimbayaco, property of the Field Master Juan Losada Young, is the starting point for the development of El Agrado, when, on May 7, 1753, he gave the land known as the plain of Chimbayaco ( also known as the Valley of the " alfandoques " ), jurisdiction of the town of Timan, where lived the whites of the parish of Pital who lived with the Indians from Paez.

28.Other important municipal communities include Ampliaci�n Manuel Av�la Camacho, Ampliaci�n de Pav�n, El Arenal, La Aurora, Bella Esperanza, Buenos Aires, El Cabellal, Calle Chica, Calle Grande, Cementeras, El Pital, El Cocal, La Chancha, Ejido Vega de San Marcos, Emiliano Zapata, El Fais�n, Guadalupe Victoria, El Guayabal, H�ctor Barrientos, Ignacio Zaragoza, La Isla, La Alguna, Mata de Pl�tano, El Ojilote, Oro Verde, La Pajarera, Las Palmas, El Para�so and Tepetates.

29.The "'bedel "'( from medieval Latin " pedellus " or " bidellus ", occasionally " bidellus generalis ", from Old High German " bital ", " pital ", " the one who invites, calls "; cognate with beadle ) was, and is to some extent still, an administrative official at universities in several European countries, and often had a policiary function at the time when universities had their own jurisdiction over students.

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