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English-Hindi > pital

pital meaning in Hindi

pital sentence in Hindi
1.*El Pital is 12 kilometers from the town of La Palma.

2.At Massachusetts General Hos-pital one student remained in serious condition yesterday.

3.El Pital is a site in the municipality of Mart�nez de la Torre.

4.Residing currently at the State Hos pital in Phoenix is convicted murderer Claude Maturana.

5.Passes at the highest point of the territory of El Salvador, the Cerro El Pital.

6.The highest point in El Salvador is Cerro El Pital, at, on the border with Honduras.

7.Cerro El Pital is in the middle of a cloud forest that has an average annual temperature of.

8.Eduardo Bolanos, a Roman Catholic priest from the northern town of Pital de San Carlos, told Radio Monumental.

9.Bolanos is from the town of Pital de San Carlos near where the women were seized by gunmen Jan . 1.

10.The Honduran border with El Salvador crosses the peak of Cerro El Pital, the highest point in El Salvador at over.

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