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English-Hindi > prescriptivism" sentence in Hindi

prescriptivism in a sentence

11.Hare's theory, known as prescriptivism, dominated moral philosophy in the 1950s and'60s.

12.Hare s view is called prescriptivism because he analyzed moral sentences as universal, overriding prescriptions or imperatives.

13.Text available through Google Search frequently serves as a prescriptivism debate, and linguistics-related news items.

14.There's a great tension between prescriptivism and descriptivism, and both certainly have their role to play.

15.In the 1950s, emotivism appeared in a modified form in the universal prescriptivism of R . M . Hare.

16.Varner interprets Hare as understanding that utilitarianism derives from prescriptivism, and affirms Hare's argument on this point.

17.As the prescriptivism of the earlier studies gives room to descriptivism and theorization, professionals see less applicability of the studies.

18.Others, more controversial, signaled a shift from linguistic prescriptivism and towards describing American English as it was used at that time.

19.But we cannot do without the teaching of fundamentals, and if that comes under the heading of prescriptivism, so be it.

20.Further arguments these are original, rather than being derived from Hare's own are then offered for Hare's prescriptivism.

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