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English-Hindi > prescriptivism" sentence in Hindi

prescriptivism in a sentence

21.Such prescriptivism is something up with which I shall not put .-- Talk 19 : 16, 11 September 2008 ( UTC)

22.Prescriptivism _ so called because Hare held that moral judgments prescribe specific, universal courses of action _ was influential through the 1950s and 1960s.

23.:: : : : Let's not turn this in to a discussion of the relative merits of linguistic decriptivism vs . prescriptivism.

24.Linguistic prescriptivism may aim to establish a standard language, teach what a particular society perceives as a correct form, or advise on effective communication.

25.Hare, a longtime professor of philosophy at Oxford University, was an advocate of prescriptivism, arguing that moral statements can achieve the status of objectivity.

26.According to prescriptivism, morality is not about knowledge ( of moral facts ), but about character ( to choose to do the right thing ).

27.His fictional " Newspeak " ( in " 1984 ", written around the year 1949 ) is a parody of ideologically motivated linguistic prescriptivism.

28.Hare is best known for his development of prescriptivism as a meta-ethical theory, the analysis of formal features of moral discourse justifying preference utilitarianism.

29.So a good approach is to wean people off of prescriptivism as quickly as possible, which is what I'm doing with Ottava Rima now.

30.You have the bad habit of prescriptivism, let us speak as we like, as long as we make ourselves understood, what is it to you?

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