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English-Hindi > qed" sentence in Hindi

qed in a sentence

11.QED it makes no difference in this world in respect to god.

12.QED . SteveBaker 02 : 45, 30 September 2007 ( UTC)

13.Some will agree and some won't QED divisive.

14.I just created a new article for Wikipedia titled  QED National.

15.Gayle Heiss, QED Press, 304 pages, $ 24.95.

16.Most of the theoreticians believed that QED would break down at high energies.

17.QED can be described intuitively with the path integral formulation of quantum mechanics.

18.QED concludes that the fine structure constant is an increasing function of energy.

19.The problem of the Landau pole in QED is of pure academic interest.

20.QED thus won physicists'general acceptance . and called for an aether.

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