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English-Hindi > qed

qed meaning in Hindi

qed sentence in Hindi
• क्यू ई डी
• इति सिद्धम्
• इ॰सि॰
1.The Macintosh, according to QED, accounts for 20 percent.

2.At the Mark Taper Forum, " QED,"

3.There, QED again validates an earlier, rather mysterious concept.

4.The first gauge theory quantized was quantum electrodynamics ( QED ).

5.Hence the decline we see in the statistics ( QED ).

6.The QED merged with the Samajwadi Party on 21 June 2016.

7.QED is probably the best phrase that could be used here.

8.This is in-line with the influential QED manifesto.

9.We can see this from the QED beta-function.

10.QED was a fabless company and did not fabricate their own designs.

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