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English-Hindi > quadrat" sentence in Hindi

quadrat in a sentence

1.The researcher traveled to each sampling point just as in the quadrat method.

2.A quadrat, rectangular sampling area, was laid out at each sampling point.

3.The plants and / or animals inside the quadrat are then identified and their abundance estimated.

4.However, this segmentation only occurs for very short-range dispersal distances and large quadrat sizes.

5.Fieldwork at the trust includes aquatic sampling, pond, leaf and feather labs, and quadrat and transect sampling.

6.Cover is the area of the quadrat occupied by the above-ground parts of a species when viewed from above.

7.Animals can be counted within the quadrat, or collected, while it is usual to estimate the percentage cover of plant species.

8.The first trade shop to have a sales area of 250 m?was in Mannheim city centre, in " Quadrat U3 ".

9.My attempt at reading that starts with " a plus b Quadrat �ber . . . " and trails off into failure around there.

10.A quadrat that encloses the minimal area is called a relev? and using species area curves in this way is called the relev?method.

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