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English-Hindi > quadrat" sentence in Hindi

quadrat in a sentence

21.Ecology had emerged as a combination of biogeography with the biogeochemical cycle concept pioneered by chemists; field biologists developed quantitative methods such as the quadrat and adapted laboratory instruments and cameras for the field to further set their work apart from traditional natural history.

22.Besides " alphabetic-t ", the " bread bun " is used for words that are feminine, as an end qualifying determinant, often shown before other qualifying ideograms or determinants in the hieroglyphic word block-( quadrat hieroglyphic block ).

23.:: : : : In principle I agree with Fut . Perf . but would like to add that I would pronounce it as " a plus b Quadrat durch minus vier " in Klammern " hoch n " because otherwise it would be ambiguous too.

24.Recently, more smaller stages have opened, such as the Oststadt-Theater, the TIG7 ( Theater im Quadrat G7 ), the Theater Oliv, the Freilichtb�hne, the Theater31, the Theater ImPuls, the Theater Felina-Areal, the Mannheimer Puppenspiele, the Kleinkunstb�hne Klapsm�hl', Schatzkistl, and zeitraumexit.

25.Quadrat Ullah, spokesman for the regional military commander, said drug smugglers could have been behind the attack on police _ and the firing of a rocket that narrowly missed the village home of the commander two weeks ago _ but conceded that " extremists " like the Taliban were likely behind the school burnings.

26.The jingles were made by German audio imaging company Sound Quadrat and its US-based subsidiary Benztown Branding, whose other clients include leading European CHR stations BBC Radio 1 ( United Kingdom ), Europa Plus ( Russia ) and NRJ ( France ), as well as Play FM's sister station 103.5 K-Lite.

27.Other solo exhibitions include : Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts ( 1977 ); Galerie Bischofsberger, Zurich ( 1979 ); Hans Strelow Gallery, D�sseldorf ( 1980 ); Corcoran Gallery, Los Angeles ( 1981 ); Quadrat Museum, Bottrop, Germany ( 1983 ); Amerika Haus, Berlin ( 1983 ); McIntosh / Drysdale Gallery, Washington D . C . ( 1985 ); the Mississippi Museum of Art, Jackson ] ( 1996 ); Stadel Museum, Frankfurt ( 1999 ); University of Mississippi Museum, Oxford ( 2011 );

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