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English-Hindi > quandaries" sentence in Hindi

quandaries in a sentence

11.Bobby Valentine found himself in a quandary at 3Com Park Thursday.

12.The quandary of Internet stocks is that they confound current analysis.

13.That seems to have been the quandary for Willow Tree Stocks.

14.He more than prefigured our humanity, its quandaries and dilemmas.

15.Many such rich politicos are in the same quandary as Milosevic.

16.Singh said judging distances presented pros with a quandary all day.

17.This could create a quandary for galleries at The Country Club.

18.Just 20 years ago, such quandaries would have been unthinkable.

19.Most travelers have felt the quandary : Too much to see.

20.And that's just the beginning of the casting quandary.

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