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English-Hindi > quandaries

quandaries meaning in Hindi

quandaries sentence in Hindi
1.But the operation has left McMurtry in a quandary about self.

2.Pataki could face a similar quandary with the police discipline bill.

3.But that is not necessarily a solution to Barneys'quandary.

4.Community groups that might normally align are in the same quandary.

5.The secretary-general stands at the center of this quandary.

6.Perot asked, referring to government's budget deficit quandary.

7.The small system quandary isn't just a management problem.

8.That " leaves the ( Fed ) in a quandary.

9.And it just might add to ABC's Wednesday quandary.

10.But some German commentators believe Kohl faces a peculiar political quandary.

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