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English-Hindi > quantic" sentence in Hindi

quantic in a sentence

21.The Bamboos second release was a remix for a side project of UK artist Quantic called The Limp Twins.

22.He attained most of these titles while playing for Quantic Leverage, Complexity Gaming, Fariko Impact and Envyus Gaming.

23.For ten years she served as front-woman for Quantic, Mayer Hawthorne, Defari, and Damian Marley.

24.In March 2011, Quantic Dream stated that one of its new projects will be called " Fiv5 ".

25.In June 2011, JoWooD Entertainment all their assets and its subsidiary, Quantic Lab, was acquired by Nordic Games.

26.Ancient cultures such as quantic, consisting of repeating ages that happen to every being of the Universe between birth and extinction.

27.A list of remixers includes Kyoto Jazz Massive, Akufen, Jimpster, Swell Session, Quantic, Moonstarr and many more.

28.He has published theory, artist's books, a collection of poems, plays and novels inspired by quantic physics.

29.Quantic Industries President Robert M . Valenti, wrote, " Some of our components have been used in mines ."

30.He saw the duality as present for all quantic entities, but not quite in the usual quantum mechanical account considered by Bohr.

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