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English-Hindi > quantic

quantic meaning in Hindi

quantic sentence in Hindi
1.Quantic Dream is working on two new projects for the future.

2.He is the founder of the game development studio Quantic Dream.

3.Following Psychonauts, the hosts discussed Indigo Prophecy by Quantic Dream.

4.Quantic Dream also considered making a game based on war.

5.After the tournament Quantic Gaming announced that they had acquired the team.

6.The French video game studio Quantic Dream helped produce much of the cinematics.

7.Examples of this include Quantic Dream's " Duke Nukem by ARUSH Entertainment.

8.CLG finished second in their group behind Quantic Gaming, qualifying for the playoff stage.

9.On December 4, Quantic Gaming disbanded.

10.Meanwhile, Quantic Dream writing and direction and Guillaume de Fondaumi�re was the video game producer.

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a homogeneous polynomial having at least two variables

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