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English-Hindi > racecourse" sentence in Hindi

racecourse in a sentence

11.Homebush once had a very famous racecourse, established by Wentworth.

12.The racecourse had a sizeable grandstand, lying near Fulwood Road.

13.The bridge over Racecourse Road is the third on the site.

14.It is accessed from Melling Road, which bisects the racecourse.

15.The suburb is nestled between the commercial centres of Canterbury Racecourse.

16.This branch line has two stations : Flemington Racecourse and Showgrounds.

17.He also commissioned Goodwood Racecourse, which was established in 1802.

18.The racecourse is easily accessible by road, railway and air.

19.The highway diverges from Tai Po Road near Sha Tin Racecourse.

20.They are currently members of the and play at Ascot Racecourse.

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