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English-Hindi > racecourse" sentence in Hindi

racecourse in a sentence

21.The first was held in the press box at the racecourse.

22.Prior to 2010 it was run at Nad Al Sheba Racecourse.

23.Noailles played an important role in the creation of Longchamp Racecourse.

24.In 1924, the Racecourse was renamed the Singapore Turf Club.

25.In 2009 the racecourse opened the new Duchess's Stand.

26.The Dante Stakes at York Racecourse is named in his honour.

27.He also constructed a racecourse at Oxney Green, near Writtle.

28.Competitors must navigate their own route through checkpoints throughout the racecourse.

29.During this time the company was camped at the Cluden Racecourse.

30.It passes the main entrance to Fairyhouse Racecourse near the town.

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