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English-Hindi > rations" sentence in Hindi

rations in a sentence

21.U . N . officials have pledged to increase daily rations.

22.Does he have qualms about eating out rather than eating rations?

23.The convicts released 17 hostages in exchange for water and rations.

24.Refugees have about a week of rations, the agency said.

25.Local sources said civilians also stole rations from an army base.

26.The Japanese were forced to reduce rations almost to starvation level.

27.In Venezuela, droughts have led hydroelectrical plants to ration power.

28.The debt ration fell to 66.1 percent in 1997.

29.Widening ration exercise to cover more areas, NEW STRAITS TIMES-

30.Many of the carnivores housed there are now on reduced rations.

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