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English-Hindi > rous" sentence in Hindi

rous in a sentence

11.Rouss said that lack of a swimming pool probably kept some away.

12.Christopher rouses himself, runs to the phone and answers.

13.His civility harbors a fitful intemperance that rouses occasionally beyond mere confirming.

14.Rous wants Clovelly maintained as a living, working village.

15.Havelange unseated Britain's Sir Stanley Rous in 1974.

16.Didier Rous, France, 27, Good team member.

17.Rous, 65, emigrated to Australia at 19 and remains there.

18.There Gandalf rouses King Th�oden from inaction against the threat Saruman poses.

19.Chaucer faints, and the eagle rouses him by calling his name.

20.England win 2-0 to take the Rous Cup.

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