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English-Hindi > rous" sentence in Hindi

rous in a sentence

41.Rous spent most of his career in the service of the Yorkist dynasty.

42.The anticipated court case did not materialise as Rous issued a qualified apology.

43.Rouses Point continued to operate to interdict this activity.

44.His resolve to preserve the family holdings rouses him to a rare rhetorical flourish.

45.Nothing, he has often said, rouses him like high-risk ventures.

46.It's sexism that rouses her ire.

47.As a leader of men, he rouses peasant discontent in the Kromy Forest.

48.Rouss announced that the center will reopen Monday.

49.They claimed that Yousra tried to hide Abu el-Rous when police arrived.

50.Her loud voice, rising in pitch in the traditional call, rouses most.

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