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English-Hindi > ruritanian" sentence in Hindi

ruritanian in a sentence

1.The effect was unmistakably Ruritanian, but there was no mistaking the hopeful mood.

2.But this ruritanian message box with its misleading message just won't do.

3.They can be divided into three groups : Ruritanian, historical, and contemporary.

4.Now two inquiries are under way into how this Ruritanian relic can be sorted out.

5.It starred Winifred Barnes, Jos?Collins and Arthur Wontner, who played the Ruritanian prince.

6.Later in 1936 his " O Mistress Mine " was a light Ruritanian vehicle for Yvonne Printemps.

7.Beneath London, they indeed find a large colony of kidnapped scientists, now escaping from the Ruritanian bombing.

8.While editing the page Ruritanian romance, I received notice of a deficiency in my edit from user : Ssilvers.

9.Modern works may differentiate from love-story as romance into different genres, such as planetary romance or Ruritanian romance.

10.I'd " love " an asbestos tablecloth, whether Carolingian, Ruritanian or just from Marks and Sparks.

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