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English-Hindi > ruritanian" sentence in Hindi

ruritanian in a sentence

41.Read the discussion in Talk : Ruritanian _ romance # Ursula _ LeGuin and the edit summaries for Ruritanian romance before you decide that I edit warred, or did so without just as an arbitrary reversion of my own edits.

42.As much as any Ruritanian tyrant, Jackson loves uniforms, for himself and his retinue; his dancers first joined him onstage as an honor guard or drill team, copying Jackson's gestures to a military-sounding drumbeat.

43.Perhaps aware that this might sound a little farfetched in ruritanian Bahrain, the same official added a word of explanation which gives something of the flavor of life in the emirate which Britain counts as one of its foremost friends in the Gulf.

44.Shaw followed the first trilogy with a second, published as " Plays Pleasant " . " Arms and the Man " ( 1894 ) conceals beneath a mock-Ruritanian comic romance a Fabian parable contrasting impractical idealism with pragmatic socialism.

45.In 2006, Ignacio Padilla published " La Gruta del Toscano " ( ISBN 84-204-7072-4 ), a novel in which Ruritanians discover a cavern in the Himalayas, somewhere on the border between China and Nepal.

46.The eight Ruritanian novels, sometimes known as the Empire series or the Stormy Petrel series, are set in three fictional countries in Eastern Europe : the Empire, Flavonia, and Ornowitza, the latter being a small duchy between the other two.

47.The " Princess Theatre shows " were unique on Broadway not only for their small size, but their clever, coherent plots, integrated scores and naturalistic acting, which presented " a sharp contrast to the large-scale Ruritanian operettas then in vogue"

48.Depiction of the country of Ixania clearly draws on the long-standing subgenre of Ruritanian romance, derived from Ruritania in Anthony Hope's " The Prisoner of Zenda " and finding many followers and imitatators in the early decades of the Twentieth Century.

49.Australian foreign minister Alexander Downer cited Ruritania as a fictional enemy when illustrating a security treaty between Australia and Indonesia signed on 8 November 2006 : " We do not need to have a security agreement with Indonesia so both of us will fight off the Ruritanians.

50.His music can be deeply introspective, as in the timeless transparency of the second movement of the Piano Quartet " The Way It Is ", or boisterously, joyously energetic, as in the " Ruritanian Dances " for string orchestra.

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