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English-Hindi > sabayon" sentence in Hindi

sabayon in a sentence

11.Thoresen pairs unpeeled nectarines with this billowy sabayon flavored with French Muscat wine.

12.Sabayon may be made up to a day ahead.

13.To serve, spoon fruit mixture on to plate and top with sabayon.

14.The Jenna interpretation of the menu : Tequila sabayon?

15.Rigo is currently available in the sabayon weekly repository.

16.Pour half of the Sabayon Filling on top.

17.Gently fold the sabayon to hasten its cooling.

18._Nectarines with Beaumes de Venise Sabayon.

19.For dessert they are probably serving sabayon aux fraises over at Martha Stewart's house.

20.To make Sabayon Filling : Melt one 4-ounce package sweet baking chocolate; let cool.

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