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English-Hindi > sabayon" sentence in Hindi

sabayon in a sentence

41.What was surprising was the espresso-chicory sabayon, looking unfortunately like beach foam, that came with a lovely shell-pink pave of salmon.

42.He says serving the dish with a cold sabayon might make it more alluring, but for most diners, fruit salad alone doesn't cut it.

43.At Viogner in San Mateo, pastry chef May Wee has modernized the flaming presentation, sending the wait staff out with blow torches to brown a sabayon.

44.Is used as the basis of no . 24 Linux distro as per distrowatch, Sabayon . contribs ) 00 : 14, 20 August 2006 ( UTC)

45.Included are more than 30 sweet and savory recipes ranging from Eggs Benedict With Roasted Balsamic Asparagus and Artichoke Frittata to Old-Fashioned Custard Pie and Raspberry Sabayon.

46.Patrick Woodside, the chef at Nicholson, on East 58th Street, adds a whiff of lavender to roasted langoustines by including the flowers in a light accompanying sabayon.

47.A ServerBase edition was released which features a server-optimized kernel and a small footprint, but this was later discontinued and integrated into the " Sabayon Minimal ".

48.The first time you order " oysters and pearls, " a sabayon of pearl tapioca with poached Malpeque oysters and caviar, you feel simultaneously daring and foolish.

49.This dish is a trim portion of weird, enthralling mush : custardy sabayon studded with tapioca, then set with plump Malpeque oysters and an outsized dollop of osetra caviar.

50.Essentially a rich sabayon, it dates from the 16th century, when sweet oranges " were the sun-dried tomatoes of the day, " she said.

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