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English-Hindi > sabbaths" sentence in Hindi

sabbaths in a sentence

21.That opened the floodgates for others to open over the Sabbath.

22.When one Jew desecrates the Sabbath, he harms every Jew,

23.Jewish law forbids work, including driving, during the Sabbath.

24.Some have hurled stones at cars driving by during the Sabbath.

25.Whether Sabbath continues as a band is up in the air.

26.Many anguished over their hosts'ambivalence about observing the Sabbath.

27.Pakistan, observing the Muslim sabbath, had no immediate comment.

28.However, traffic was light as Friday is the Muslim sabbath.

29.However, traffic was light on Friday, the Muslim sabbath.

30.Negotiations were expected to continue after the Jewish Sabbath Saturday evening.

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