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English-Hindi > sabbaths" sentence in Hindi

sabbaths in a sentence

41.Violations of the Sabbath have caused government crises in the past.

42.The shooting attack came after the start of the Jewish Sabbath.

43.The attack occurred on the sabbath, the Jewish holy day.

44.More protests were expected after prayers Friday, the Islamic sabbath.

45.In 1986, gunmen killed 22 worshippers during a Sabbath service.

46.Although the Adventist churches hold much in common, their Sabbath.

47.Black Sabbath are often cited as pioneers of heavy metal music.

48.Praised are You, O Lord, who sanctifies the Sabbath.

49.It begins with the heavy metal bands such as Black Sabbath.

50.In 1985 he joined Black Sabbath, replacing original drummer Badlands.

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