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English-Hindi > shithead" sentence in Hindi

shithead in a sentence

11.The Underground Out of Poland, based on material handed over to Shithead, was released in 1987 by Maximumrocknroll.

12.Now, the runners up in the Leonard Maltin game are allowed to name one shithead as a consolation prize.

13.I was so shit-scared of that shithead that I shit-talked him into dropping out of the karate match !"

14.However, his driver is actually being impersonated by Shithead, Rictus'right-hand man, and the Professor is murdered by him.

15.In 2000 the album was re-issued on lead singer Joey Shithead's own label Sudden Death records for a native Canada release.

16."' Once Just "'is a three piece rock band with reggae, hip hop and Joey " shithead " Keithley.

17.When I returned, I received a wikimail from VM, calling me a shithead and making a reference to Molobo getting annoying when encouraged.

18.Joe " Shithead " Keithley of D . O . A . composed new music for the show called " Hard Core Logo : Live ".

19.After the show, the Canadians met with Dezerter, and Joey Shithead offered to take band's recordings to North America, to try to publish them.

20.19 months after D . O . A . broke up, Joey Shithead and Wimpy Roy had reunited as D . O . A in the summer of 1992.

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