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English-Hindi > tabasco" sentence in Hindi

tabasco in a sentence

31.He lost the 1994 Tabasco governor's race to Madrazo.

32.Authorities tracked the plane to a rural landing strip in Tabasco.

33.Popular condiments are tomato ketchup, mayonnaise, and tabasco sauce.

34.The force then moved upstream and took Tabasco the following day.

35.In Tabasco, the Grijalva River flows into the Usumacinta River.

36.He was the eldest son of Tabasco sauce inventor Edmund McIlhenny.

37.She is a resident of the state of Tabasco in Mexico.

38.Tabasco believed the artwork to be overly similar to their branding.

39.In 2010 she won the Tabasco's State Sports Award.

40.Throughout the visit Ram sipped deliberately from the bottle of Tabasco.

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