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English-Hindi > tabasco" sentence in Hindi

tabasco in a sentence

41.Not long after XEVT signed on, political turmoil roiled Tabasco.

42.He died on 21 March 1774 in the capital of Tabasco.

43.He fought back hard with Tabasco Cat down the stretch.

44.I think this year Holy Bull has beaten everybody except Tabasco Cat.

45.Tabasco Cat and Go for Gin are still going strong.

46.Lukas is neither intimidated by Tabasco Cat nor fearful of the colt.

47.Day said Tabasco Cat has settled down since the spring.

48.Holy Bull and Tabasco Cat, they're the easy ones.

49.Tabasco, Worcestershire, salt, pepper and cayenne to taste

50.A splash of Tabasco on the 49ers'tofu salad.

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