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English-Hindi > transexual" sentence in Hindi

transexual in a sentence

1.It is prescription medication meant either for hypogonadism or for FtM transexuals.

2.However, you're confusing transgender with transexual.

3.TRANSEXUAL-MINISTER _ The Rev . Erin Swenson's heart thumped wildly.

4.:: : Are we talking about speaking in the transexual's presence?

5.Some said the officials also wanted to make sure that he was not a transexual.

6.Max goes back to Ludlow's home wearing the stilettos of a transexual woman.

7.Johnny was the friend of the transexual Gowri Kumar ( Livingston ) who was Ethiraj's son.

8.Since last year, Ms . Wilchins and Transexual Menace have taken to organizing vigils after the slayings of transsexuals.

9.Transexuals and transvestites, probably out of desperation, seek to offer their services to the firemen manning the emergency line.

10.If the transexual wishes to be referred to as'he'or'she'we should follow their wishes.

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