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English-Hindi > transexual" sentence in Hindi

transexual in a sentence

41.And before there were TV talk shows, we also didn't know about grandmothers who had sex with Cub Scouts, transexual counselors, sex diets, hooker how-to authors, support groups for people who shoot abortion doctors, skin-heads, gang bangers, neo-Nazis and porn star therapists.

42.A Lesbian / Gay / Bisexual / Transexual category was added to the page unilaterally though there was no consensus . ( Now in a vote the insistence of those responsible is that a super consensus is used to overturn the addition, even though questions arise not just over accuracy but whether it fits the categorisation guidelines.

43.:The timing of your question suggests you are referring to the BBC TV program " Transexuals in Iran " which aired on BBC 2 on Monday 25th February 2008 at 9pm, or to stories in other media ancilliary to that, such as this BBC radio 4 " Woman's Hour " segment.

44.In May 2010, the LGBT militants of Kif-kif created the group Menna w Fena ( " From us and for us " ), an internal group of the Kif-kif association which is dedicated specifically to lesbians, bisexuals, transexuals or queer; and has as an objective to protect LGBT women in Morocco and help them assert themselves among the LGBT community.

45.Individuals who have undergone and completed sex reassignment surgery are sometimes referred to as " transsexed " individuals; however, the term " transsexed " is not to be confused with the term " transexual ", which can also refer to individuals who have not yet undergone SRS, and whose anatomical sex ( still ) does not match their psychological sense of personal gender identity.

46.:A note that might make it easier to search for future results : it's usual practice, among the people most likely to be discussing this in a scientific way, to refer to a transgender person born with a biologically female body as a transexual, transgender, or even just'trans "'man ", based on the view that they are'really'a man with a woman's body, rather than a'really'a woman who'thinks'she's a man.

47.In 2007, she told the BBC about the rights which she helped win for trans people : " Back in 1992, when Press For Change was started, [ trans people ] had no employment rights, they couldn't marry, they had no right to privacy and all of those things have been achieved by changes in the law . . . I'm a transexual woman, I'm now regarded as being a woman in the eyes of the law, it means that affects my retirement age, it means that I can marry a man and it also provides me with considerable protection of my privacy.

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