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English-Hindi > unblessed" sentence in Hindi

unblessed in a sentence

11.There are plenty of conservative Christians, after all, who use Scripture to justify their abhorrence of homosexuality, their intolerance for women in the ministry and their belief that all those who fail to accept Jesus as their personal savior ( such as Jews, just to begin with ) are unblessed.

12.Metalinguistic discourse ( which treats " language as subject, material, [ and ] context " ) : In saying "'He hath himself accused,'" Virgil is making Nimrod's language the subject of his own language; in creating this nonsense utterance, the poet Dante is using language as material to be shaped into his poem; and in having the incomprehensible statement made meaningful to Dante by his mentor-poet Virgil, the text elliptically comments on its own context, on its existence as poetry that has the effect of creating order and palpable reality even where such reality may to ordinary or unblessed mortals be unapparent.

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