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English-Hindi > unblessed

unblessed meaning in Hindi

unblessed sentence in Hindi
1.:: A frugal couple, married for many years, were unblessed with offspring.

2.A  Cosmo Club, offering films  unblessed by the Censor's certificate, opened in 1960.

3.Following the race, Willie Belmonte, who rode Unblessed, charged Short Notice with interference on the first turn.

4.It washes unblessed forces up the beach before they are ready, and off the beach before their job is done.

5.At its best, the current fusion of rap and metal lets people who feel unblessed by the economy express some righteous anger.

6.But then what one eats or drinks for the necessary strengthening of the body, will not make him either blessed nor unblessed.

7.Soon into the work, they stop, having found what they least expect : the bones and long dark hair of a woman in her unblessed and unmarked grave.

8.But in passing his judgement, Justice Omo-Agege remarked,  Anini will forever be remembered in the history of crime in this country, but it would be of unblessed memory.

9.It is not, however, a good sign when you find yourself marking the minutes when an actor isn't onstage, and there are long stretches unblessed by Sheen's presence.

10.Once betrothed, a man and a woman cannot meet . ( Some couples apparently speak clandestinely by cell phone . ) Mixed marriages go unblessed, and the rabbi said he had never had to divorce anyone.

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not provided with something desirable; "a hovel unblessed with electricity or running water"

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