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English-Hindi > variegate" sentence in Hindi

variegate in a sentence

11.Some varieties have a natural variegated red and yellow coloring.

12.There is a variegated aspidistra that should serve you well, too.

13.Variegated plants can lose color for a variety of reasons.

14.Cyclamen, maidenhair fern and variegated ivy are beautiful together in containers.

15.A white orchid, silver lace fern and variegated ivy.

16.Three white amaryllis, silver lace fern and variegated ivy.

17.Wheeler dwarf green pittosporum and variegated pittosporum are also candidates.

18.But a large bed planted entirely in variegated hostas just looks hyperactive.

19.Occasionally a variegated plant will produce solid green leaves as a mutation.

20.Another recent development is variegated color in some premium sidings.

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