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English-Hindi > variegate" sentence in Hindi

variegate in a sentence

31.The under hindwing is beautifully variegated with brown, white and grey.

32.Female has much more variegated and dark reddish brown striated fore wings.

33.A smaller, variegated form is commercially available and cultivated.

34.The undersides of the wings are variegated with cream and drab colours.

35.The males tend to be more variegated than the females.

36.Their typical artifact is the La Almagra style pottery, quite variegated.

37.The variegated cultivar'Shiroshima'is found in cultivation.

38.But now I think the variegated form Yucca filamentosa Bright Edge is great.

39.The variegated lacecaps are best with just a little sun or bright shade.

40.He would never sully his hands with anything as cheap as variegated yarn.

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