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English-Hindi > victimizations" sentence in Hindi

victimizations in a sentence

21.The victimization survey is considered a reliable measure of crime by criminologists.

22.Gov . Bush is also exporting his feeling of victimization to Michigan.

23.With a few exceptions, each group covers only its own victimization.

24.Then we create a sense of victimization, which is also unhealthy.

25.No doubt about it, victimization is the new black.

26.The FBI could then intercede prior to the victimization of the child.

27.It is an attempt to expose workers to unchallenged victimization,

28.Diverse peer groups also lower the feelings of victimization felt by youth.

29.Bah?�s regularly are denied compensation for injury or criminal victimization.

30.In Pakistan, Siddiqui had by then become a symbol of victimization.

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