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English-Hindi > victoire" sentence in Hindi

victoire in a sentence

21.She has a brother, Arthur, and a younger sister, Victoire.

22.Her nieces included Ang�lique Victoire, comtesse de Chastellux.

23.He had a daughter, Jeanne Marie Victoire born on 11 November 1878.

24.In 1744, Marie Victoire helped to arrange the marriage of her son.

25.After Victoire explains the situation, Bill is released and given a medal.

26.La victoire et 2 000 prisonniers rest�rent aux Fran�ais.

27.Victoire was the seventh child born to the Duke and Duchess of Enghien.

28.Victoire married Sir Wyndham Edward Hanmer, 4th Baronet on 10 March 1842.

29.It was first described in 1829 by the French naturalist Jean Victoire Audouin.

30.Roumieu's building was sold and became St Victoire School for Girls.

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