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English-Hindi > victoire

victoire meaning in Hindi

victoire sentence in Hindi
1.Another suggested title was the " Prix de la Victoire ".

2.A good example is his paintings on Mont Sainte-Victoire.

3.But a kindlier fate has interposed in the person of Victoire.

4.Victoire and her husband went on to various affairs with others.

5.Victoire Pisa had been the Monterosso a neck away in third.

6.They do appear to be getting to grips with the Victoire situation,

7.The heart of Cezanne is his apples and Mont Sainte-Victoire.

8.Cast : Victoire Thivisol, Marie Trintignant, Xavier Beauvois.

9.Victoire around the village, followed by dancing and feasting.

10.He became a student of Georges Cuvier and befriended Jean Victoire Audouin.

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