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English-Hindi > waff" sentence in Hindi

waff in a sentence

31.In 1996 the Fairbridge Festival disassociated itself from the WAFF to its present status as an incorporated not-for-profit association.

32.He made his first appearance for 2014 WAFF Championship, the 2015 AFC Asian Cup qualification and the 2014 Gulf Cup of Nations.

33.The "'2015 WAFF U-23 Championship "'took place in Doha, Qatar for the first time.

34.Taraza arranges a meeting with the Tleilaxu Master Waff, who is soon forced to tell her what he knows about the Honored Matres.

35.He has since played for Palestine at the 2010 WAFF Championship, 2012 AFC Challenge Cup qualification, and 2014 FIFA World Cup qualification.

36.His display cemented his place as the best left back in the country, winning plaudits for his displays at the 2012 WAFF Championship.

37.In " Heretics of Dune ", Herbert describes Waff as " an elfin figure barely a meter and a half tall.

38.This competition in turn is used as qualification for the Olympics football tournament of which these sides participating in the WAFF championship were eligible for.

39.It acquired the rights to the long-running syndicated show from WAFF, which had aired it in daytime slots since its inception in 1984.

40.It was organized by the World Amputee Football Federation ( WAFF ), and was held in Kaliningrad, Russia between October 7 14, 2012.

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