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English-Hindi > yangon" sentence in Hindi

yangon in a sentence

11.The party's headquarters are in Bahan Township, Yangon.

12.Today the building is listed on the Yangon City Heritage List.

13.Nightclubs in Yangon are also frequented by prostitutes who work independently.

14.It is northeast of the city Yangon and is largely rural.

15.On 23 September, 150 nuns joined the protests in Yangon.

16.Po Po ( born 1957 ) lives and works in Yangon.

17.On September 23, 150 nuns joined the protests in Yangon.

18.Its headquarters were in Yangon, Myanmar, and operated nationwide.

19.Dawbon is connected to downtown Yangon via the Maha Bandula Bridge.

20.Nyi Khit came back to Yangon together with Lone May Khin.

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