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English-Hindi > yangon" sentence in Hindi

yangon in a sentence

21.In 2010, Yangon United built their training ground and gymnasium.

22.In 2011, Yangon United won their first ever MNL championship.

23.He lived with his wife in a poor quarter of Yangon.

24.City Mart super market is a famous super market in Yangon.

25.It has a distance of south of the city of Yangon.

26.The church is one of the oldest Baptist churches in Yangon.

27.He died of lung cancer in Yangon on 14 August 2013.

28.All games were held at Theinphyu Hockey Field Stadium, Yangon.

29.He graduated from Yangon State School of Fine Arts in 1990.

30.It is based in Yangon where many Kayin people are living.

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